About me

I’m Kriti, a lifelong bibliophile and fledgling cinephile. I live in a small town in Ohio and work from home as a software engineer.

About the blog

Most of my posts are reviews of books and movies with the occasional author interview and giveaway.

Books: I’ve been reviewing books since 2011. I realized that after graduating from college, I wouldn’t have any reason to write essays or papers any more and I wanted an excuse to keep writing something. Originally I thought I would have an all-purpose blog, but I quickly realized that I didn’t have anything to say about myself but a lot to say about books. I will read pretty much anything, but in practice, I end up reading and reviewing mostly speculative fiction. The blog also has a smattering of non-fiction, young adult and non-speculative fiction reviews.

Here’s the list of all book reviews and list of author interviews.

Movies: Historically, I didn’t watch a lot of movies but my husband, who absolutely loves them, has been slowly converting me. In October 2015, we decided to watch a movie a day as a way to spend time together and we’ve been keeping up with it ever since. We watch movies of all genres; although we haven’t watched too much horror. I figured that since I was watching so many movies, I might as well review them and really committed to it starting in 2017. Since I watch so many movies, I review a week’s worth in a single post, usually published on Sunday.

Here’s a link to all my movie review posts. I’m working on a page that shows the list of movies I’ve watched with links to reviews if they exist; I will link it here when I’m done.

Contact Information

You can e-mail me at kriti@justaworldaway.com. I love hearing from readers; feel free to email me if you just want to say hi!

If you’re contacting me about reviewing a book, please read my and my book review policy first.