“By Grace and Banners Fallen” by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson

By Grace and Banners Fallen coverI’m apparently a total sucker for corporate gimmicks, but I figured $2.99 was an okay price to read By Grace and Banners Fallen (the prologue of A Memory of Light) three months in advance, so I bought it.

This isn’t really a review – after all, I’m writing about the prologue of the fourteenth book in an epic fantasy saga. You’re not likely to read it without reading the entirety of The Wheel of Time (and neither should you!) This is more just an excuse to squee a lot. Of course the prologue was amazing – it even answered a few plot questions! We meet the protagonists gathering for the Last Battle, secondary characters neatly stepping into their roles, the Chosen plotting, a rare sympathetic perspective from an evil character, and heroic battles and noble warriors. And Talmanes being a total badass!

Waiting for January 8 was hard, but it just got a lot harder.

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